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Super Nylon Mexican Hammock in Cream Colour

Size: Queen SIze
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Interesting FAQs:


Here are some interesting questions that a client just asked today:

All about my Super Nylon Hammocks:


Q: Are they hot? Do they get hot?

A: No they do not. Because is a net they do not get hot at all


Q: Are they comfy

A: Yes, they are. I make sure that we put enough stitches on the net of the hammock so it can mold to your body when you are using it. I also make the sizes very  generous  so you can find  your comfy way to lie in the hammock.


Q: Do they stand the sun, rain, etc

A: Yes, this nylon string is comfy and strong. So offers durability. The color may fade during the years but the strings are great under the sun, rain etc. They keep their shape and do not snap with the heat of the sun.


Q: Why are expensive?

A: The price is due to the cost of the material.  It is a special Nylon that I found to make comfy and resistant hammocks.


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